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Re: Life 60th Anniversary issue Marjorie Freeman (21 Jan 1997 15:27 UTC)

Re: Life 60th Anniversary issue Marjorie Freeman 21 Jan 1997 15:27 UTC

Jeanette Skwor <> wrote:
> We had to claim the July - October issues of LIFE magazine, received the
> September issue and a 60th Anniversay Issue in which I cannot find a date.
> Now I need to reclaim those that haven't arrived, and I'm not sure which
> ones to claim.  Does anyone know the date of the 60th Anniversary issue?

The numbering for Life should be:
v.19 no. 8  July 1996
v.19 no. 9  Aug. 1996
v.19 no.10  Sep. 1996
v.19 no.11/12 Anniversary Issue (Oct. 1996)
v.19 no.13  Nov. 1996
v.19 no.14  Dec. 1996

The vol. and number can be found on the next to the last page.  And yes, the
number of issues does not match the statement by the publisher.

Marge Freeman
System Administrator
LION Consortium of Virginia