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Rule of Thumb for buying Multiple copies Periodical Acquisitions 22 Jan 1997 15:15 UTC

I didn't have any response to this, and realised that most
participants may have been on holiday at the time I sent it. So may
I be so bold as to repost it?

Date:    Mon, 6 Jan 1997 10:06:22 EST
From:    Periodical Acquisitions <libper@BWC.ORG>
Subject: "Rule of Thumb for buying Multiple copies"

Somwhere, sometime in my life in Serials, I read, saw, or heard, the
rule-of-thumb that if a publication has more than 4 or 5 names on
the route slip a second subscription should be purchased.

>From my own experience here where some serials (Byte for instance)
has 15 people on the Route slip this would make eminent sense.
However, I have failed to find anything published that I could show
as evidence that multiple copies for more than 4 or 5 readers is not
just my own wishful thinking..

Does anybody know of something in print that I could use as back-up
to this position?

warm regards,
Bryn Deamer
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