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GODORT Cataloging Comm. Midwinter meeting and Panel Discussion (Andrea M. Morrison) Marcia Tuttle 05 Jan 1998 19:31 UTC

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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 14:09:28 -0500
From: Andrea M. Morrison <amorriso@INDIANA.EDU>
Subject: GODORT Cataloging Comm. Midwinter meeting and Panel Discussion

                Cataloging Pre-1976 U.S. Government Publications:
                              Stakeholders and Strategies

                         ALA Midwinter Conference, New Orleans, LA.
                                  Sunday, Jan. 11, 1997
                                      2:00-4:00 pm
                                Hilton Riverside and Towers
                                      Marborough B

A panel discussion sponsored by the Government Documents Round Table's
Cataloging Committee. Join us in a discussion of the current options and
potential collaborative efforts to provide access to historical government

Panel Participants:

Jan Swanbeck, University of Florida
Marda L. Johnson, OCLC
Dan Coyle, Congressional Information Service
Carolyn Kohler, University of Iowa
Tim Byrne, University of Colorado, Boulder
Nan Myers, Wichita State University, Moderator

Questions? Please contact:
Arlene Weible
GODORT Cataloging Committee Chair

Note: The Committee business meeting will be held 4:00-5:30 pm and will
include the following topics:

*Report from GPO Cataloging Branch
*Discussion panel wrap up
*Committee WWW page
*Letter re: GILS/Dublin Core compatibility