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NELINET Conference Announcement (Ann Devenish) Marcia Tuttle 06 Jan 1998 15:12 UTC

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 09:46:55 +1000
From: Ann Devenish <adevenish@GATEKEEPER.NELINET.NET>
Subject: NELINET Conference Announcement

                Conference Announcement

*  Please distribute freely to any relevant mailing lists or interested
parties. *

        DIGITAL REALITY: Managing Electronic Resources

Electronic resources impact every aspect of library service and
collections. This two-day conference will re-examine traditional
library structures and explore alternatives for integrating and
managing electronic resources. The conference is sponsored by
NELINET's advisory committees for Interlibrary Loan, Reference,
Union Listing, Quality Control & Cataloging, and Preservation.

June 1-2, 1998
Best Western Hotel in Marlborough, MA (intersection of Rt. 495 and
Rt. 20)

Plenary Sessions:
        Ann Okerson, Yale University
        Marshall Keys, NELINET

Featured Presentations:
        Michael Kaplan, Indiana University  * Cataloging *
        TBA, Ohio Public Library Information Network  * OHIOLINK and ILL *
        Paul Conway, Yale University * Digitization and Preservation *
        John Powers, Powers & Co. * Telecommunications *

Concurrent Session Topics:
        User training
        Staff training
        Union listing electronic serials
        New England Research Libraries Consortium
        Contract negotiation basics
        Convergence of Cataloging & Collection Development
        New lines of communication in libraries
        Archiving concerns and considerations
        Electronic reserves room
        Copyright and Resource Sharing

More information and registration forms will be posted to the list
and on the NELINET Web page (
when it becomes available.