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AHA journals & nomination for worst title change (Kim Laird) Marcia Tuttle 06 Jan 1998 18:07 UTC

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 12:34:10 GMT-5
From: Kimberly J. Laird <LAIRDK@MEDSERV.ETSU-TN.EDU>
Subject: AHA journals & nomination for worst title change

How about asking someone who has a personal subscription to the
AHA journal if they have problems getting all issues? If they
don't, then change the address for those library AHA journals to
a home address.

I realize that if you have a fair amount of personnel turnover,
it may be difficult to settle on an address that'll be around
for a while, but it may be worth thinking about. FWIW, I don't
think we've ever had much problem with AHA journals, but I'd
have to check more thoroughly to be certain.

I'd like to take the chance in this note to nominate the Journal
of the Tennessee Medical Association, which changed its title to
Tennessee Medicine for worst title change of the year.

My nomination is more tongue in cheek than serious, as I have
definitely seen worse title changes, but so many of our patrons
complain that they can't find the Journal of the Tennessee <etc>
and then roll their eyes in disgust when they hear its now
shelved as Tennessee Medicine.  Not the greatest change in the
world, in my opinion.

Kim Laird
Technical Services Librarian
Medical Library, Quillen College of Medicine
East Tennessee State University