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Re: AHA journals & nomination for worst title change (Jeanette Skwor) Marcia Tuttle 06 Jan 1998 21:08 UTC

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 14:38:10 -0600
Subject: Re: AHA journals & nomination for worst title change (Kim Laird)

***Well, it seems to be my day to give advice.  Kimberly J. Laird suggests

> How about asking someone who has a personal subscription to the
> AHA journal if they have problems getting all issues? If they
> don't, then change the address for those library AHA journals to
> a home address.

***I would use a name with the correct, *specific*, office address, first.
It's one thing to go round and round with a publisher, quite another to
repeatedly question/remind a co-worker.

> so many of our patrons
> complain that they can't find the Journal of the Tennessee <etc>
> and then roll their eyes in disgust when they hear its now
> shelved as Tennessee Medicine.

***We put up see references in cases like this--little notes attached to
the shelf at the end of the run of the old title, saying
"Continued by <New Title>."

Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library, UWGB