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CRIMEA '98 (Les Pourciau) Marcia Tuttle 07 Jan 1998 17:23 UTC

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 11:53:44 -0600
From: Les Pourciau at UMem <POURCIAU@MSUVX1.MEMPHIS.EDU>
Subject: CRIMEA '98


"Libraries and Associations in a Transient World:
New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation"
Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine
June 6 - 14, 1998

Chronicle of Previous "Crimea" Conferences

"Crimea 94" - Yevpatoria, May 1994
Participants: 230; Papers: 100; Countries: 15

"Crimea 95" - Yevpatoria, May 1995
Participants: 637; Papers: 250; Countries: 28

"Crimea 96" - Foros, June 1996
Participants: 665; Papers: 304; Countries: 30

"Crimea 97" - Sudak, June 1997
Participants: 800; Papers: 320; Countries: 35

The Fifth Anniversary International Conference "Crimea 98" is
held under the aegis of IFLA

Main organizer of the Conference:
- Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology,
 Moscow, Russia

The Fifth International Conference will again be held in Sudak, a
beautiful and tranquil locale on the Crimean Black Sea coast. The
history of Sudak dates to antiquity. It is a small Crimean town of
unfailing charm, surrounded by fantastic mountains crowned with
picturesque ruins of the medieval Genoese fortress. The Conference
venue, Sudak Holiday Home, is a complex of seven modern buildings
in a garden setting. The adjacent beach, some two kilometers long,
might well be the best in Crimea. The beach, restaurants, and shops
are within easy walking distance from the Sudak Holiday Home.
During the "Crimea 98", Sudak Holiday Home will accommodate only
the participants in the Conference. Brief reports on Crimea'97
appeared in _American Libraries_, August, 1997, p.30, and in _College
& Research Libraries News_, September, 1997, pp. 565-566.

The Organizing Committee seeks original research and application
oriented papers, not previously presented elsewhere, which make
new contributions to the topics listed below. You are invited to
submit an abstract,in electronic form, of your proposed paper for
consideration by the Program Committee. The deadline for receipt
of abstracts is March 1, 1998.

A complete Conference Announcement/Call for papers is available from