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Russian periodical - Kommersant (Elizabeth A. Fenwick) Marcia Tuttle 09 Jan 1998 18:56 UTC

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Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:53:52 -0600
From: Elizabeth A. Fenwick <C60EAF1@WPO.CSO.NIU.EDU>
Subject: Russian periodical - Kommersant

We have a subscription to the weekly Russian journal
Kommersant.  The entry for it :
130 0  Kommersant (Moscow, Russia : 1993)
245 00 Kommersant.
Issues beginning with no.40-41 (Nov. 11 1997) and through
no. 46 have Kommersant in small print above a word in much
larger print that I think is romanized as Blast.  Is this a
title change?  Does anyone know what this added word means?
In my dictionary I found definitions: power, authority,
rule.  Have been waiting to see if a new record appears on

E. Fenwick
Northern Illinois University Libraries