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Re: Publicity for E-journals Tony Kidd 19 Jan 1998 17:31 UTC


At Glasgow, we have tried a lot of the things you suggest, and, yes,
parties are certainly very popular, although we substitute wine for the
balloons.  We have had two 'electronic journal parties' with more planned
for this year, inviting faculty and postgraduates in general, or from
different departments, to come to the library in the early evening,
serving wine and conversation, and demonstrating various sets of
ejournals.  We also go out into departments, have prepared handouts on
ejournal FAQs, and written short publicity articles in university
newsletters, etc

We link to over 700 ejournals directly from our Web OPAC, and also have
alphabetical and subject lists on our Web pages, with 'new' titles
highlighted.  In general, we find that the faculty and students are keen
to use ejournals, and, in so far as it is measurable, there is quite high
use here.
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Jane Thompson wrote:
>I have searched the archives of Serialst looking for any
>descriptions of what people are doing to alert their users to new
>electronic journals when the library provides access. Do you have
>an ongoing continuously revised class in E-journals? do you have
>a party with balloons? Hot links on your home page? Signs around
>the library? Visits to departments to demo to faculty? All of the
>above? We have substantial number of titles available, and
>haven't done much to publicise, so are looking for effective ways
>that a smallish staff can bring these titles to the attention of
>our users.
>Any ideas welcome. Thanks!
>--Jane Thompson, University of Cincinnati Health Sciences
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