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Invoices for materials not ordered or received Peter Zeimet 28 Jan 1998 14:06 UTC

Here's a question for you Serials folks.  We have been receiving invoices
from a company called Progressive Business Publications.  We have never
ordered anything from them in the past, nor have we actually received any

After receiving the bill, we call the company to explain that there must be
some mistake.  This gets us nowhere and now the matter has been turned over
to a collection agency.  We think there is some foul play involved.  Some
of our ex-employees have been contacted and said that Progressive Business
Publications has done this before.  Do any of you have similar experiences?
 And what do we do?

It seems a simple matter of telling them that unless they can produce paper
demonstrating that we signed for a subscription (which we didn't), then we
are under no legal obligation to pay.  But one of their moves has been to
send these bills not only to the library, but to our accounting department.
 My guess is that they're hoping someone will just pay it in the confusion.
 When I talk to the collection agency they keep telling me that they will
contact the vendor and get back to me.  But a month or so later, guess
what?  A new invoice arrives.  They won't allow me to call the vendor

Without going to an expensive lawyer, any ideas?

Peter J. Zeimet
Systems Librarian
Barr Engineering Co.
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