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Printing and Electronic Resources Dani Lichtenberg 28 Jan 1998 20:02 UTC

Here is a topic that I have not seen discussed on this list but with
which we wrestle here in Palm Beach County:  what kinds of systems are
used for printing with electronic resources?  We use a company called
TracSystems which provides debit-card operated laser printers.  This
system is more awkward with some databases than with others.  Problems
include difficulty printing portions of text (rather than full articles),
confusion with text "left hanging" in the buffer, patron confusion about
how to purchase cards and insert them in the acceptor, etc.

I would like to hear what other libraries are using.  Do you provide free
printing?  Do you use debit-card systems?  Free printing but patrons have
to purchase paper (or bring their own)?  What are the pros and cons of
the printing system that you use?

Electronic resources have many wonderful attributes but people still want
that hard copy.  I don't know if the ideal process has been invented yet
but I am looking forward to hearing what other libraries have come up with!

Dani Lichtenberg
Supervisor, Serials Department
Palm Beach County Library System