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Re: Printing and Electronic Resources Deborah Harrell (28 Jan 1998 21:37 UTC)

Re: Printing and Electronic Resources Deborah Harrell 28 Jan 1998 21:37 UTC

We are in our third year of a five-year contract with a vendor using the
Copyguard EasyCard 4000 units.  I can't directly address whether patrons
can print parts of text, but I know they can mark specific articles and
print only those.  Currently we have 12 reader units located on paper
copiers, microform copiers and computers attached to our LAN.  Patrons
purchase the card for $1 and can then add value in even dollar amounts.
If they use cash to make their copies the price is 10 cents; vendacard
copies are 7 cents.  We have a card vendor on the premises.

Problems associated with using the card:

#1  Damaged cards--if they bend it the slightest amount, the card is
invalid and must be replaced.

#2  Patrons don't pay attention when they purchase a card.  They will put
a $5 bill in the dispenser, get the card and walk away.  Instructions are
CLEARLY marked on the unit that to download the remaining $4, they must
re-insert the card...but I guess college students can't read!

#3  Patrons forget to retrieve their card from the reader when they are
finished making copies.

All in all, I would go back with a card system over cash anyday, but I
would not necessarily recommend THIS system.  The dispenser is a real
headache and is not covered by service agreements.


Debbie Harrell
Ingram Library, State University of West Georgia
phone: 770-836-6498
fax: 770-836-6626