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J Nursing Education v.36 #6, 1997 Anne C. Bunting 29 Jan 1998 04:26 UTC

Subject: J Nursing Education v.36 #6, 1997

We have had a bad experience with this journal. I have sent e-mails to the
publisher and to the journal editor, Christine A. Tanner, concerning a
problem they have created for libraries.

A subscription to this journal has always covered 9 issues since they do
not normally publish during June, July, and August.  We got all of our
issues for 1997 except we are missing #6.  Since this # was in the middle
of the year and within the yearly num bering, we claimed the issue.  We
were then told it was an special issue and we would have to pay $16.00 for
it.  This special issue continues the numbering of #5. #7 picks up the
following numbers. We did not know this was a special issue until we
claime d it.

Today we received a letter from SLACK, INC. stating that issue #6 was in
such demand that they ran out of copies and will now sell us a photocopy
of the issue for $10.00 instead of $16.00.

I wonder if individual subscribers had to pay extra for this issue or if
they got it with their subscription.  If they had to pay extra to get it,
how were they notified that they had to do this.

If anyone has any pull with the editor or anyone on the editorial board, I
would appreciate your calling this to their attention.  We don't mind
paying more for the journal, but all the issues should be included in the
subscription price or a special issu e that is not included should not be
introduced in the middle of a numbering sequence.

  Anne C. Bunting <>