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Gordon and Breach Steven H. Murden 30 Jan 1998 18:41 UTC

At this year's ALA midwinter, Gordon and Breach had a booth in the
exhibits.  It's the first time I recall seeing them there.  After
hesitating to say anything, I finally approached the woman working there
and had a good discussion about my perceptions of the problems I have had
with them over the years.  She was (I believe) their director of marketing,
although I regret I do not recall her name.  I found her to be most
sympathetic and very aware of librarians' opinions of her employer.  She
made it sound as though things have improved.  Since I'm not currently
working in serials, I'd be curious to know whether things actually _have_
improved, for those of you who still have G&B titles.  Private replies are
fine, if you worry about lawsuits.  ;-)

steve murden