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massive labelling job Andrew Shroyer 31 Jan 1998 02:09 UTC

Dear Colleagues,

My library is faced with a major labelling effort due to a shift from
unclassed (alphabetic) to classed arrangement of our periodicals.  Am
hoping for some recommendations and caveats re this kind of work, from
the readership.

Anyone who has opinions, please address whichever of the following you
care to (sending directly to me would be best, I think):

1.  What method of printing base call number spine labels has been
found to be good?  Is the OCLC program for continuous label sets a
good approach, with not too high a learning curve?  Has anyone
successfully used just word processing software, such as Word, for
this purpose?

2.  What label and label protector products do you recommend?
Durability and ease of application are what we're seeking.

3.  Has anyone had success applying labels to volumes *in the stacks*
(that is, without removing them via trucks first)?

4.  Has anyone gone through our particular transition (unclassed to
classed, in the neighborhood of 10K titles?) What transpired?

5.  What other labelling "dos and don'ts" can you relate?

Thanks much for any information or knowledge!