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Re: Serials and their collections (2 messages) Stephen Clark 02 Mar 1998 17:10 UTC

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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 08:14:59 -0800
From: Marie Schneider <mschneider@MAIL.ARC.NASA.GOV>
Subject: Re: Serials and their collections (Yves Magis)

I'd really appreciate the replies to Yves Magis' post to be sent to the
list because we are also beginning to use the serials control module of
Sirsi and it would be interesting to read the responses.  We have been
using the Sirsi catalog for about a year, but are just beginning to load
our serials.

Thank you.

Marie Schneider
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Date:  March 1, 1998
From:  Stephen D. Clark <
Subject:  Serials and their collections

Ed. note:  I have already sent a message to Yves regarding this issue.  I
include below my response, but also would like to mention that this
request should also be sent to the Unicorn-L listserv and discussed by
more folks who use SIRSI's Unicorn database. To subscribe, send a message
to: and include the message:  Subscribe
I would also like to note that there will be at lease two sessions on
serials at the Unicorn Users Group International meeting, held in
Huntsville, AL, 13-16 May.

Below is my response to Yves:

Hello Yves,

    You have a large task ahead of you.

    One thing that you might want to do is send a query on this to the
Unicorn Listserv as well as Serialst.  I will forward you instructions
on subscribing to it.

    Now, to briefly answer some of your questions...

> I'd like to hear from you, how do you manage all the vol./items
> received,
> even if you don't want to put them in the public catalog ?

    You can record issues in check-in records in the Serials Control
Module, but they do not have to display in the public catalog.  It
depends on whether you indicate in the Serials Control record that you
want issues to display upon check-in.

> When i receive items, for instance, i don't know where the Serials
> control
> record them (in which fields display or not in OPAC) ?

    When you receive items, they are displayed in the check-in record,
and if you indicate that you want them to display in the OPAC, they

> What happens to the entire collections already mentioned in the
> catalog,
> either the serial is "active" or "dead".

    Your holdings can remain in the catalog, whether the title is "dead"
or the subscription is just cancelled.  Your holdings display makes no
difference whether you have a serials control record set up or not.  The
holdings record is connected to the bibliographic record, rather than
the control record; however, the control record *can* be connected to
the holdings record (remember, it does not have to be).

> Is it important to put them in holding records and how do you do that
> ?

    It is important to put your holdings in holdings records if you want
them to display.  The easiest way to tell you how to input them is to
check your documentation and the release notes for ver. 8.1.3, which
explain how to add holdings records.

    You should have the SIRSI folks explain all of this to you in your
training.  I would advise that you take a training class for both
Serials Control and for Cataloging.

Good luck,

Stephen Clark

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