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NLM vacancy announcement (Eugene Dickerson) Stephen Clark 03 Mar 1998 14:00 UTC

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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 16:51:06 -0500
From: eugene_dickerson@NES.NLM.NIH.GOV
Subject: NLM vacancy announcement

     The National Library of Medicine has an opening for a temporary
     librarian in the Serial Records Section, Technical Services Division.


     OPEN PERIOD 03/02/1998 - 03/23/1998
              SERIES/GRADE: GS-1410-09/11
              SALARY: $   32457 TO $   51049, ANNUAL
              ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER:  LM-98-11

     DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: This appointment may be extended beyond one
     year depending on future workload levels. This position is located in
     the Serial Records Section which together with the Selection and
     Acquisitions Section and the Cataloging Section comprise the Technical
     Services Division. The Technical Services Division (1) recommends
     policy on collection development; (2) selects, acquires, processes and
     catalogs print and nonprint monographs and serials published
     throughout the world  for the Library's collection; (3) develops and
     maintains national and international publication exchange
     relationships; (4) develops and maintains automated systems supporting
     technical services functions; (5) creates and distributes
     bibliographic and related information through online databases, tape
     distribution and publications, and; (6) coordinated NLM's technical
     services activities with other national and research libraries here
     and abroad and with  the U.S. biomedical library community.  The
     incumbent performs a variety of duties involved with the timely
     acquisition and processing of modern print, nonprint and mixed format
     biomedical materials in over 45 languages for the Library's
     collection; performs or assist in the oversight of a wide variety of
     complex acquisition activities including the creation and maintenance
     of purchase or subscription orders, receipt processing for serials or
     monographs, payment approval and invoice processing, claiming and the
     creation and maintenance of holdings records, publication  pattern
     records, etc.; independently resolve complex as well as routine
     processing problems.   The incumbent assists unit supervisor in
     managing the creation of provisional bibliographic records or the
     location, retrieval and modification to records in external databases
     according to NLM standards; independently resolves complex
     bibliographic problems and assists staff in bibliographic problem
     solving; assists with a wide range of review and quality control
     functions to ensure the accuracy of NLM's bibliographic, acquisitions
     and holdings data; recommends modifications and enhancements to
     processing and quality review functions to improve their
     effectiveness. Specifically, the incumbent trains division personnel,
     other library employees and contractors as required in the use of
     NLM's technical processing files and external acquisition or
     bibliographic systems, such as vendor files, LCMUMS, OCLC, etc.;
     prepares or assists in preparing documentation and training materials
     to support these activities; carries out or participates in a wide
     variety of special bibliographic, automation and other projects
     related to the acquisition, processing and control of materials for
     the Library; prepares related reports, memoranda, etc.; selects a
     variety of materials for the NLM collections and participates in a
     variety of complex collection development and assessment projects;
     assists in procurement actions for acquisitions activities including
     formal contract actions, blanket purchase agreements, and other
     related activities; may prepare statements of work, serve on technical
     review groups, act as project officer, interface with vendors to
     resolve acquisition problems, etc.  Will assist in projects related to
     NLM's implementation of Endeavor's Voyager system in late 1998.

     QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: For GS-9: Must meet 1 of the following: 1)
     Master's degree or successful completion of 2 full years (60 semester
     - or 90 quarter hours) in library science from an accredited college
     or university; OR, 2) One of the following: Masters degree in Library
     Science from an accredited college of university; OR successful
     completion Of 30 semester - 4 quarters of graduate study in library
     science; OR a 5th year bachelor's degree in library science plus 1
     year of professional librarian experience; OR a total of 5 years
     library experience. In addition, possesses 1 year of professional
     experience in 1 or more of the major functional areas of
     librarianship, such as acquisitions, cataloging, readers advisory
     services, etc., equivalent in difficulty responsibility to the GS-7
     level in the Federal service.  For GS-11: Must meet 1 of the following
     1) Completion of all requirements for a doctoral degree or 3 full
     years of graduate study in library science from an accredited college
     or university; OR, 2) The qualification requirements for the GS-9
     position plus possesses 1 year of professional librarian experience
     equivalent in difficulty and responsibility to the GS-9 level in the
     Federal service.  Specialized experience is defined as experience that
     has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and
     abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that
     is typically in or related to the position to be filled.  Full
     qualification requirements can be found in the OPM's Qualification
     Standards for General Schedule Positions Operating Manual available in
     any Federal Personnel Office.

     Deadline for applications is March 23, 1998.  For complete details on
     how to apply, please contact:

            NIH/National Library of Medicine
            Building 38, Room 2N05
            8600 Rockville Pike
            Bethesda, Maryland  20894

            Phone:  (301) 496-4946
            Attn: Nan Fields
            Refer to vacancy announcement no.: LM-98-0011

     Posted by:
     Gene Dickerson
     Head, Bibliographic Unit
     Serial Records section
     National Library of Medicine