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Replacing pages through Interlibrary Loan Jeanette Skwor 25 Mar 1998 15:27 UTC

Subject: Replacing pages through Interlibrary Loan

We're having a discussion on this topic and having some confusion; I would
like to hear the process in other libraries and any tips you can give us.

Generally, our procedure states that when a periodical is found to have
pages torn out or otherwise missing, it is brought to the Serials Dept.
office and we order the missing pages.

When ILL or circulation are the ones who first notice the problem, they
tend to order the pages first, then bring us the periodical--which is fine,
also, as long as we are informed.

The problem comes in when not all the pages are received.  I am told pages
that have only advertising are not copied (which makes sense), but how are
we to know that is the case?  Another problem arises when an article title
is requested instead of specific pages--and this seems to be often what is
requested/required--again, we don't always get the pages we do not have.

I must confess my working knowledge of ILL procedures is Zilch.   And yet I
am thinking there should be a way to specify that this is being ordered by
the library, as replacement pages, vs. this is an article someone requested
a copy of.

I'm not at all sure I've expressed what I need to express, but am hoping
for discussion and enlightenment . . .


Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library-UWGB
Green Bay, WI