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(Previous discussion continued)
Re: Replacing pages through Interlibrary Loan Mary S Hodgin (26 Mar 1998 20:23 UTC)

Re: Replacing pages through Interlibrary Loan Mary S Hodgin 26 Mar 1998 20:23 UTC

When requesting pages include the phrase "for binding; please do not
reduce, etc."; anything that defines the purpose of the request.  The
sender should explain any pages not sent: e.g. "page contains ads only",
etc.  We have been doing this for over 25 years that I have been working
in Serials/ILL and it has almost always worked satisfactorily.

        Mary S Hodgin <hodginms@MUSC.EDU>

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Jeanette Skwor wrote:
> Subject: Replacing pages through Interlibrary Loan
> We're having a discussion on this topic and having some confusion; I would
> like to hear the process in other libraries and any tips you can give us.
> Generally, our procedure states that when a periodical is found to have
> pages torn out or otherwise missing, it is brought to the Serials Dept.
> office and we order the missing pages.
> When ILL or circulation are the ones who first notice the problem, they
> tend to order the pages first, then bring us the periodical--which is fine,
> also, as long as we are informed.
> The problem comes in when not all the pages are received.  I am told pages
> that have only advertising are not copied (which makes sense), but how are
> we to know that is the case?  Another problem arises when an article title
> is requested instead of specific pages--and this seems to be often what is
> requested/required--again, we don't always get the pages we do not have.
> I must confess my working knowledge of ILL procedures is Zilch.   And yet I
> am thinking there should be a way to specify that this is being ordered by
> the library, as replacement pages, vs. this is an article someone requested
> a copy of.
> I'm not at all sure I've expressed what I need to express, but am hoping
> for discussion and enlightenment . . .
> TIA,
> Jeanette Skwor
> Cofrin Library-UWGB
> Green Bay, WI