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Re: Uniform Title and Electronic Serials (Beth Guay) Stephen Clark 06 Mar 1998 19:59 UTC

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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:11:34 -0500
From: Beth Guay <bg53@UMAIL.UMD.EDU>
Subject: Re: Uniform Title and Electronic Serials (Jeff Steely)

Jeff, if you have the LCRI's,
See LCRI's 25.5B CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Pay particular attention to
to the instruction for "Serials (Including Numbered Monographic
Series...)"  under items "1) General" "2) Choice of qualifying term,"
and "3) Form of qualifying term."  Then skip to the instruction for
"Computer File Serials" (on p. 13 of 25.5B, Aug. 1997 update).

Nowhere do you see an instruction to qualify a "print" serial, yet all
sections referred to above, save the last, apply to the traditional
serial, i.e. print, IMHO.

I would prefer to have seen one of the traditional qualifying terms
used, in case of conflict, for the print version. Usage of the term
"print" may break a conflict with another version which is a computer
file, but its kind of an obtuse term to use, in the world of serials

Just my thoughts on the matter.

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998 16:26:02 Jeff Steely <> wrote:

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> Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:06:34 -0600
> From: Jeff Steely <Jeffrey_Steely@BAYLOR.EDU>
> Subject: Uniform Title and Electronic Serials
> Colleagues,
> When a print and electronic version of a serial are issued simultaneously, does one need to add a 130 to the print version of the serial?  I just came across a record in OCLC in which the uniform title "Nitric oxide (Print)" was added to the record for the print version (OCLC #35147437).  This is the source of my question.
> CONSER Catatloging Manual 5.2.5, "When not to add a uniform title" says that a uniform title is NOT necessary "when the records represent different physical versions of the same serial that are issued simultaneously."
> I also checked Module 31 online.  31.6 states that "a computer file serial that is also issued in another physical format, such as print or CD- ROM, is not treated as a reproduction, and therefore requires a uniform title qualified by the physical medium."  There is no indication, however, that a 130 should be added to the print copy.  The example in Module 31 for a concurrently published serial ( is "Emerging infectious diseases."  While the example has the uniform title "Emerging infectious diseases (Online)", the counterpart print record does NOT have a uniform title.
> So, should the record for the print version have a uniform title added?  If so, under what circumstances?
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Jeff Steely
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