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Mentor Program for ALA in Washington D.C., June 1998 Deanne Luck 24 Mar 1998 15:14 UTC


           Are you a student or a new librarian planning to attend the
           American Library Association's annual conference in Washington, D.C.
           in June?  Would you like to have a mentor at the conference,
           someone to talk to or to help you acclimate?

           Are you a seasoned conference attendee who would like to share
           your experience with a student or a new professional?

           If you answered YES to any of these questions the CONFERENCE
           MENTOR PROGRAM is for you!  The Mentoring Committee of NMRT is
           sponsoring this project to help make new attendees feel at ease
           at a conference whose size can often be overwhelming and

           Who is a mentor?  A mentor is an experienced and trusted
           advisor.  Within the context of ALA conferences, it is someone
           who can help a new librarian or a library science student
           negotiate a path among the numerous meetings, programs, exhibits
           and acronyms.

           Mentees, or proteges (those being mentored) may be library
           science students, new librarians, first-time conference
           attendees, or anyone who would like to feel more comfortable
           attending the annual conference.

           The only qualification for being a mentor is to have a sincere
           interest in helping someone get the most out of the conference.
           This involves being a good listener, a thoughtful advisor and
           role model.  Mentors should expect to meet at least once with
           their mentees during the conference to answer questions, give
           guidance or just to listen.  More contact during the conference
           or, even afterwards, is encouraged.  Mentors can be from any ALA
           division or affiliate group in order to show mentees the many
           opportunities for involvement in ALA.

           In order to participate, just complete the following form and
           mail it to:

                               Dora Ho
                               North Hollywood Regional Branch Library
                               5211 Tujunga Ave.
                               North Hollywood, CA  91601
                               Voice: (818) 766-7186
                               FAX: (818) 756-9135

           by MAY 1, 1998.  Or, complete the online form at:
           Mentors and mentees (proteges) will be matched based on the
           information provided.  Mentors will be responsible for contacting
           mentees before the conference to arrange a meeting



           The Mentoring Committee of the New Members Round Table is
           sponsoring a conference mentor program at the American Library
           Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C.  The program will
           match experienced conference attendees with students or individuals
           new to the profession to help them benefit from their first
           conference experience.  If you are interested in being a mentor
           or mentee kindly complete the form and return it by May 1, 1998.

           Name:        ______________________________________

           Address:   ______________________________________


           Telephone:(       )_________________________________

           Fax: (      )_________________________________

           Email: (      )_________________________________

           I would like to be a:        (   )  mentor
                                        (   )  mentee

           Do you consider yourself to be a member of an underrepresented
           group?                           (    )  yes
                                            (    )  no

           Type of institution in which you are interested or in which you
           have had experience:
                               (    )  Public library
                               (    )  Academic library
                               (    )  School library
                               (    )  Special library
                               (    )  Other, please specify:_________________

           Type of position in which you are interested or in which you have
           had experience:

                (    ) Public services (please specify):_______________________

                (    ) Technical services (please specify):____________________

                (    )  Other (please specify):______________________________

           Have you ever participated in a
           mentor program:                           (  ) Yes      (  ) No

           Mentors: We sometimes find that we have more mentee applicants than
           mentor volunteers.  If we have a shortage of mentors, would you be
           be willing to mentor two persons?  (   )  Yes    (   ) No

           Please return this form by May 1, 1998 to:  Dora Ho, North
           Hollywood Regional Branch Library, 5211 Tujunga Ave., North
           Hollywood, CA  91601.  Voice: (818) 766-7186  Fax: (818) 756-9135