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Re: TES-Times Educational Supplement Judy Cerqua-SLO (24 Mar 1998 20:36 UTC)

Re: TES-Times Educational Supplement Judy Cerqua-SLO 24 Mar 1998 20:36 UTC

On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Ida Martinez wrote:

> Am I the only one receiving "extra gifts" inside issues of TES (Times
> Educational Supplement)? Some of these "extras" are: TES Friday, TES
> Online Education, and First Appointments.  I first noticed this .

> How are the rest of you handling these titles?  Are you creating separate
> checkin records?  Are you leaving them in with the main issue?  Have you
> modified the bibliographic record?  What have the rest of you done?

In situations like this one we would check-in the regular item and add a
new box in the check-in card with q NOTE that we received  XXXX.  We
consider these types of items supplements and if the title is bound, the
supplements will be bound in with the main title.

A NOTE is added in the check-in record, and if needed, we would add a
brief bib and check-in for the supplement giving its location and where it
is bound.

If the title is a permanent supplement - we will establish a bib and a
check-in record for the supplement.

Hope this is of some help.

Judy Cerqua
Head, Acquisitions/Processing           voice: (614) 644-6928
State Library of Ohio                   fax:   (614) 728-2789
Columbus, OH  43215                     <jcerqua@WINSLO.STATE.OH.US>