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SERIALST Scope & Purpose Revisions Birdie MacLennan 24 Apr 1998 18:32 UTC

Dear SERIALST Subscribers:

The SERIALST Scope & Purpose statement -- the web site
( and also the text
"welcome" file that is sent out to new subscribers -- has recently been
updated.  This is not a major conceptual redesign of the web page (which I
have thought about, but haven't had time to do!).  However, some
noteworthy changes and additions have been made, particularly in the first
section (1.0+) of the documentation.

An important note regarding mail attachments is included under the newly
added section 1.1., "Notes of Caution & Advice About Sending or Replying
to SERIALST Messages":

        Attachments: If you are using a mailer such as Pine, Eudora,
        Netscape, or Microsoft Mail that allows "attachments" to mail,
        please do not "attach"  the file to your mail message. Your
        SERIALST message must be in plain text, included within the body
        of your mail message. LISTSERV software will not translate encoded
        attachments and the moderators will not be able to post such
        attachments (or messages with attachments) to SERIALST.

We are posting this information to the list because the moderators have
received several messages with attachments, within the past few weeks,
and we have been unable to read or process them.

Feel free to check out the updates to the SERIALST web page :

or the same information is available in plain text format by sending an
email message to the listserv address :
The text of your email message should say:  GET SERIALST WELCOME

If you have questions or comments, feel free to let us know.  Thanks to
SERIALST's co-moderators: Ann Ercelawn (Vanderbilt University), Stephen
Clark (College of William & Mary), and Marcia Tuttle (Chapel Hill, North
Carolina)  for their comments and help with these latest revisions.

        Birdie MacLennan
        SERIALST Listowner/Moderator
        University of Vermont