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Re: Phylon: are they still publishing? Sandra Hernandez 02 Apr 1998 16:59 UTC


Phylon was suspended with v.49 1-2 (1992).  But vol. 50 should soon be
available per info. from our agent EBSCO.

Sandra Hernandez <>
Trinity University

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Subject:        Phylon: are they still publishing?

Does anyone have any information on the title Phylon, ISSN 0031-8906.  It's
a quarterly, published by Clark Atlanta University last time I could get any
information.  We haven't received anything since v.49 no.1-2 1992 in March
1993.  Our vendor can't seem to get any response from the publisher either.
When I checked OCLC, I found that it is held by over 1,000 institutions --
hopefully someone has received *some* kind of an explanation.....


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