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Re: Journal of personality Lynne Stevens 02 Apr 1998 16:47 UTC

I noticed the pub pattern, publisher, and ISSN differences early last month.
I, of course, ran to my OCLC terminal to get the definitive answer, but
found only the old, unchanged record, with no new one added.  I just checked
again, and found nothing added or changed in OCLC.

I'm wondering if the "new" ISSN is really a typo on the part of the new
publisher, or if it is really a newly-assigned one, coincidentally similar
to the original.

It just occurred to me to call Blackwell and ask them these questions.  I've
left a voice-mail message, and will pass along their response when they
return my call.

Lynne N. Stevens
Serials Coordinator
Lipscomb Library
Randolph-Macon Woman's College
804 947-8133/FAX 804 947-8134

Mary Williams [mwilliams@TARLETON.EDU] wrote:
> We have a run of this title published quarterly by Duke University with
> the ISSN of 0022-3506.  Our last issue was v65 #4, dated December
> of 1997.  A Journal of Personality published bimonthly in England by
> Blackwell's with the ISSN of 0220-3506 begins v66 #1, dated February of
> 1998.  The editor of both journals is the same person.  Does anyone know
> anything official about this seeming change in publishers?
> Thanks,
> Mary Williams
> Periodicals Head
> Dick Smith Library
> Tarleton State University
> Stephenville, TX
> <mwilliams@TARLETON.EDU>