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Re: URL software James L. Murphy 06 Apr 1998 20:11 UTC


Regrettably, and somewhat ironically, when I use this url on the WWW, I
get "File Not Found."

Jim Murphy

At 10:25 AM 4/6/98 -0600, Jeanne Towle wrote:
>We use "URL-minder" ( to
>monitor our catalogued websites.  You can set it up to notify you of all
>changes (ie when a new issue of serial is added, or any minor change is
>made to the site) or be more specific and ask to be notified only when the
>site changes addresses or disappears.
>Jeanne Towle
>Acquisitions Supervisor
>Red River College Library
>On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Janet Essency <> wrote:
>>Here at Minot State University we are about to get a Web based catalog.
>>So we can finally catalog those electronic resources we have looking at.
>>One of our concerns has been URL's.  The fact that they change,
>>disappear, etc. We have looked at OCLC's PURL program but wondered if
>>this was our only option. Is anyone using something else or is there
>>anything else available? For those libraries using OCLC's PURL what do
>>you think of it?
>>    Any advice would be appreciated?
>>Janet Essency
>>Periodicals Librarian
>>Minot State University
>>Minot, ND