Query Re: Current Research on Serials Access Dennis Goodyear 11 May 1998 02:31 UTC

I am a student in the University of Denver's Library and Information
Services Master's degree program.  For a course project in Research
Methods, I am seeking information concerning ongoing research studies or
surveys regarding the following:

Trends and preferences for libraries who may be cancelling print serial
subscriptions in how they are providing alternative access (if at all).

Their success rate in being able to maintain acceptable levels of access
for their patrons when relying on access methods other than owning a print

Experiences of libraries with costs of providing alternative access.

Plans and policies for the future regarding the print/electronic mix of
their serials collections.

Please respond to my e-mail address (dgoodyea@du.edu) if you can provide
any assistance.  Thank you.

 Dennis Goodyear <dgoodyea@DU.EDU>