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ALCTS Discussion Group Announcement: E-Commerce Scott Wicks 22 Jun 1998 17:01 UTC

Joint meeting:
ALCTS SS Journal Costs in Libraries Discussion Group
ALCTS SS Research Libraries Discussion Group

E-commerce : Now That We Know How To Get There, Where Are We Going?

Saturday, June 27, 1998 : 2-4 pm
Loews Grand Ballroom B

Speakers/Discussion Starters:

Herb Kim,
General Manager and Head of Marketing & Sales
Blackwell's Online Bookshop

Bob Boissy,
Manager of Standards and Interface Services,
The Faxon Company, Inc.

Cindy Miller,
Director of Product Strategy
Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.

Our discussion will offer three perspectives on e-commerce--that of an
online bookstore, a subscription agent, and a library management system
producer.  We should have a lively discussion while trying to determine
where the missing link (the library) fits on the e-commerce highway.

Herb Kim will discuss the incredibly rapid pace and development his company
has witnessed in online bookselling over the past few years, the direction
online bookselling is currently heading in, and his company's experience.

Bob Boissy will review how subscription agents have embraced multiple
tactics in the emerging world of E-commerce, all somewhat at variance with
the popular web-based models for book buying.  He will contrast how agents
tend to use batch EDI for transactions mediated by commercial library
systems, yet use a variety of Internet-based services for the non-academic
library community.

Cindy Miller will focus on using UN/EDIFACT within the Acquisitions and
Serials modules of an integrated library system.  She will describe some of
the productivity increases library customers are experiencing as well as
touch on some of the other uses her company is exploring for
EDIFACT--receipt of despatch information for electronic journals and
billing for access to electronic resources.

Elections for the 1998-99 vice-chairs (one for each discussion group) will
be held at the end of the meeting.  Please notify the respective incoming
chairs (see below) if interested in participating as a vice-chair.

ALCTS SS Journal Costs in Libraries Discussion Group
Outgoing Chair:  Scott Wicks (
Incoming Chair:  Alison Roth (ROTH@BLACKPER.COM)

ALCTS SS Research Libraries Discussion Group
Outgoing Chair:  Anne McKee (MCKEE@BLACKPER.COM)
Incoming Chair:  Lisa Macklin (