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Re: Urbanistica Meg Robinson Arnold 22 Jun 1998 19:04 UTC

We had not received any issues of URBANISTICA since no.101,1991, and after
much claiming and failed attempts to get any kind of notice of status from
the publisher, we accepted the word of our vendor that the title had ceased
after no.101. In getting ready to bind the "last issues", I noticed that
other people have issues checked in *past* no.101 for this title - they've
received things as recently as May of this year! Now I'm puzzled, our vendor
clearly has less info than we do, and I have neither the state authorization
nor the language skills to call Italy and quiz the publisher about this
directly. Anybody else have any confirmed information on the real status of
this publication? I suspect that the publisher has changed - anyone have a
name or address of the new pub (if this is really the case?) At this point,
any direct info you have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance -

Margaret Robinson Arnold
Bindery Supervisor
Atkins Library                 (00 = zero zero)
UNC Charlotte                ph:704-547-2127
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte NC  28223-0001