Russian Newspapers: Pravda and Pravda 5 Glen Mahoney 23 Jun 1998 15:28 UTC

        Our library subscribes to the Russian newspaper Pravda (Moscow,
R.S.F.S.R.) [OCLC #1762779].  We also have been receiving the weekly
newspaper Pravda 5 [OCLC #32533024], although we have no separate
subscription to it.  We assume Pravda 5 is being received as part of
our subscription to Pravda, but our vendor, Faxon, cannot confirm
        Several questions:  Are other subscripters to Pravda also receiving
Pravda 5 ?  Does anyone know what relationship, if any, there is
between these two titles ?; the OCLC records provide no indication.
What about the "news & cultural value" of Pravda 5 ?
        Thanks much for any information to these questions.

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