retrospective conversion Maija CRAVENS 23 Jun 1998 21:58 UTC

     Our library is planning to convert some of our holdings to
     machine-readable format. We are considering outsourcing some of the
     materials in the Library of Congress classification, and have asked
     OCLC for a price quote. We need to, however, provide our
     administration with figures comparing the cost of outsourcing to
     in-house conversion. The latter would require hiring additional staff.
     Could somebody give me an idea what is a reasonable number of items
     for a cataloger to process per month? The collection consists of
     monographs and serials, about 25% would require original cataloging.
     If you have done a project like this in your library, please answer to
     the list or to me if you prefer. Thanks,

     Maija Cravens