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Need Sirsi and Endeavor Voyager Info Karen Douglas 24 Jun 1998 14:02 UTC

Hello Everyone:

I am interested in opinions/ information about the acquisitions and
serials modules of Sirsi Unicorn and Endeavor Voyager. I have checked the
archives of both this list and Acqnet. I have found the same question I am
raising, but never any answers. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who
has experience with these systems. I will summarize responses for the list
so that others won't be disappointed as I was when searching the archives
to find no responses to the questions,  just questions themselves. TIA for
your help.

Karen Douglas
Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
Georgia State University
College of Law Library
PO Box 4008
Atlanta, GA 30302-4008
(404) 651-4122 (phone)
(404) 651-1112 (fax)