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American Family Physician Jeanette Skwor 24 Jun 1998 14:45 UTC

Subject:      American Family Physician

I just called the publisher on this; they publish 20 issues per year, and
I had the pattern set up to expect 2 volumes of 10 issues each.  The June
1998 issue is numbered 11.

The answer I received is that because the June issue is the index issue,
their numbering has been changed so that the first volume of the year has
eleven issues, and the second, nine.

I must add, this was a most cordial and responsive conversation.  I was
thanked, and the person I talked to indicated that if I was calling, other
libraries must be wondering also, and therefore when they send out an
anticipated letter on their rates, they will include information on the
numbering change.

An all around good experience.

Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library
UW-Green Bay