Re: Dealing with Serial Budget Cuts Judy Cerqua-SLO 29 Jun 1998 13:35 UTC

        Our library has also had to some severe cutting in the past.  The
first round @ 6 years ago resulted in the cancellation of all non core
titles.  Everything that was not connected to our mission statement went
[including Nature, all of the popular and 'ladies' magazines].  After
those cuts, the Reference librarians went through our list by title and
determined which other titles could be cut.

In all we cut several thousand dollars from our budget for serials.
Since the economic upturn we have been able to add titles back, slowly.
We have cut several more items from our renewal list this year, our
reference staff are reviewing titles for usage versus cost and for
alignment with our mission statement.

Hope this helps.

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On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Barbara McDougald wrote:

>  I need some help.  I am experiencing drastic
>  cuts in my serials budget for fiscal 1999 and 2000.  I would like
>  information from the group on how cuts were handled and formulas used
>  to determine who got to spend what percentage of the serial budget by
>  department or library.   Also it would be helpful to know how
>  cancellations were determined.
>  This information would be most helpful in that this is the first
>  significant and impacting budget cut I have had to deal with.
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