vendor joins the debate (Tom White) Stephen Clark 08 Jun 1998 20:44 UTC

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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 13:30:27 -0700
From: "Tom White, Journals Marketing Mgr., UC Press" <Tom.White@UCOP.EDU>
Subject: vendor joins the debate

Dear Serialist:

I am one of the vendors who monitors postings for topics relevant to
customer service, pricing, etc.  Please believe that customer service is of
great importance to me.  I too must cope with budget pressures on staffing
and service for our direct and agency accounts.

In that regard, and in the interest of improving my service to you and your
vendors, I would greatly appreciate it if Serialst readers would respond to
a few questions I have on the subject of service:

1) What are the most important customer service expectations or needs you
have of Univ Press journal publishers, aside from the usual ones of getting
you the journal on time and working with your vendors?

2) Aside from tracking and responding promptly to your claims, how would
you suggest I monitor and improve the service we provide you and/or your

3) Are your service level expectations correlated to the price you pay for
a journal, i.e., would you expect a lower level of service from a publisher
of a low priced journal than you would from a publisher of a high priced

Thanks for your time and assistance.  I look forward to your replies.

Tom White, Journals Marketing Manager
University of California Press
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