Part-time Serials Cataloger Needed -- Cal State, LA (Andrew Shroyer) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 12 Jun 1998 14:23 UTC

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:34:28 -0800
From: Andrew Shroyer <ashroye@CALSTATELA.EDU>
Subject: part-time serials cataloger needed

Attention serials catalogers in the greater Los Angeles area:  want to
make some "easy money" in your "spare time"?  CSLA is looking for one
or more librarians to work part-time helping to convert a substantial
chunk of our serials collection from unclassed to LC-classed access.
Working hours and schedule are very much negotiable.   The college is
located  near the western San Gabriel Valley cities of Alhambra and
Monterey, roughly at the intersection of the San Bernadino and the
Long Beach freeways (the 10 and the 710).

If you would like to discuss specifics regarding the work, the
collection or the environment, please contact Andrew Shroyer by email
or phone (information below).

The official,  more general, description of our temporary/part-time
openings within the Collection Services Team (pasted over from our
website at:,  including the
range of pay, follows:

California State University, Los Angeles, invites applications for
temporary and part-time librarian positions within the Collection
Services Team in the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library.


Collection Services librarians catalog primarily English-language
monographs with OCLC copy, but assignments may include cataloging of
music scores and serials, as well as materials in foreign languages.
Some original cataloging may also be required. This assignment may
also include authority work connected with the INNOPAC online catalog.


Demonstrated competence and experience in cataloging and knowledge of
a bibliographic utility (preferably OCLC) is required. Recent
experience with an online catalog and some experience in, or
knowledge of, authority work, and reading knowledge of a foreign
language such as Spanish is desired.


Based upon qualifications and experience, appointments will be made at
the rank of Senior Assistant Librarian or Associate Librarian (salary
range $18.28/hr to $27.63/hr).

Andrew Shroyer
Periodicals and Serials Specialist
JFK Memorial Library
California State University at Los Angeles
5151 Univ. Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90032
Vox: (213)343-3975  Fax: (213)343-5600
Date: 06/11/98
Time: 17:41:41