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Date:         Fri, 19 Jun 1998 16:16:26 -0400
From:         Christine Orr <CORR@AIP.ORG>
Subject:      FREE ELECTRONIC JOURNALS (Tom Evans) -Reply

Hi Tom,

The electronic versions of all archival and translation
journals published by the American Institute of Physics are
free to print subscribers.  The complete list of our journals is
as follows:

Applied Physics Letters
Journal of Applied Physics
Journal of Chemical Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Physics of Fluids
Physics of Plasmas
Review of Scientific Instruments

JETP Letters
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
Low Temperatire Physics
Physics of Particles and Nuclei
Physics of the Solid State
Technical Physics
Technical Physics Letters

I hope this is of some assistance.  Should you have
additional questions regarding our online journals, please
feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards,
Christine Orr
Associate Marketing Manager
American Institute of Physics
500 Sunnyside Boulevard
Woodbury NY  11797
T: 516-576-2484
F: 516-576-2374
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Date:         Fri, 19 Jun 1998 16:19:43 -0400
From:         "Diane S. Hollyfield" <dhollyfi@HSC.VCU.EDU>
Subject:      Re: FREE ELECTRONIC JOURNALS (Tom Evans)

Contact your serial vendor for a list of ejournals corresponding to your
D. Hollyfield

At 03:53 PM 6/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
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>Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:07:11 EDT
>From: Tom Evans Library/Periodicals <evans@CANISIUS.EDU>
>I need to compile a list of electronic journals that are free when
>you subscribe to the paper version. Does anyone out there have a
>source that can help me do this? I have about a month to do this,
>so ANY help would be greatly appreciated. You can reply to me or the
>list (if you think it would be helpful). TIA!

Diane S. Hollyfield                             804/828-1094
Head, Acquisition Services                      fax: 804/828-0151
Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
901 Park Avenue  Box 842033
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2033