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Re: India Today Linda Hofmann 03 Jul 1998 05:36 UTC

I do serials acqusitions for a medium-large public library.  We have two
subscriptions for one copy each of India Today through Ebsco.  We also have
had problems.  Each week we receive one copy only.  I used to call Ebsco to
claim the other copy, but my rep gave me the phone number for the U.S.
distributor and told me I could call him direct to claim. He tells me that
we are paid through Feb. 99 for our second copy, yet it never comes on time.
 He graciously sends us a second copy, which we get, but it is a real hassle
to have to claim each week.  This has been going on for several months.  I
suggested to him that perhaps the department that makes the address labels
needs to be updated, but so far no change.  Our first copy is coming up for
renewal, and I think I am going to renew direct with the distributor, and
also reorder our c. 2.  I am at home and do not have the phone number for
the distributor here.  Your vendor should be able to get the number for you,
or you can contact me if you need to.

Linda Hofmann
Library Associate
Naperville Public Libraries
200 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville, IL  60540
630-961-4100, ext. 235
Ray Schwartz <schwartz@MEGAHERTZ.NJIT.EDU> wrote:

>Our vendor has been unable to supply us with India Today (issn: 0254-8399)
>since April 20.  Is anyone else experiencing similar problems with this
>Ray Schwartz, ILL/Serials/Database Librarian            (W) 973-596-2875
>Van Houten Library                                    (Fax) 973-643-5601
>New Jersey Institute of Technology                      (H) 201-656-8807
>323 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.   
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