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Cambray: looking for info on this vendor (Kim Maxwell) Marcia Tuttle 09 Jul 1998 13:08 UTC

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Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 16:54:10 -0400
From: Kim Maxwell <kmaxwell@MIT.EDU>
Subject: Cambray: looking for info on this vendor

I'm having trouble receiving a title we order from a vendor in India.  The
most complete information I have on the vendor is this:

Kent House
P33 Mission House Extension
Calcutta A-700 013

phone 011-91-33-29-5567
fax   011-91-33-249-2096

We haven't received any invoices from them in over a year and a half (we do
have several other subscriptions with them as well).  Their fax number
always seems to be busy.  They are not listed anywhere on the ACQWEB
website. ALA's International Subscription Agents (6th edition, 1994) doesn't
list them, though the 1986 edition does.  ALCTS's "Book and Serial Vendors
for Asia and the Pacific: Results of a Survey of ARL Libraries" does list
them, but with no more information than what I have above (see

Is anyone using this vendor, and can you give me some more information about


Kim Maxwell
Assistant Librarian for Serials Acquisitions
MIT Libraries, Room 14E-210
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
phone: 617-253-7028
fax:   617-253-2464