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Re: Student worker scheduling software (L. Hunter Kevil) Marcia Tuttle 23 Jul 1998 19:22 UTC

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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:29:04 -0500
From: "L. Hunter Kevil" <mulkevil@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU>
Subject: Re: Student worker scheduling software (Anne Frohlich)


You could look into the Windows package called TimeCenter, from the DataComm
Co. 800-877-7737. I believe that one of the sample templates that comes with
Excel 97 could be used to track student hours and payroll. Good luck.


L. Hunter Kevil
University of Missouri-Columbia
tel: 573-884-8760
fax: 573-884-5243

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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 09:04:56 -0500
From: Anne Frohlich <frohlich@ACC.MCNEESE.EDU>
Subject: Student worker scheduling software

We are looking for software (Win95 compatible)to use for scheduling (and
rescheduling) student worker hours for the department.  Is there such a
thing?  We are reworking schedules by hand on paper. We are looking for
something on which we could see the results of different configurations.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Anne Frohlich, Serials Librarian        Phone:318-475-5741
Frazar Memorial Library                 Fax:318-475-5719
McNeese State University
Box 91445
Lake Charles, LA 70609