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VIVA cataloging guidelines (Allison Sleeman) Marcia Tuttle 27 Jul 1998 19:41 UTC

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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:34:22 -0400
From: "Allison M. Sleeman" <ams4f@POE.ACC.VIRGINIA.EDU>
Subject: VIVA cataloging guidelines

Joyce Ogburn has requested me to post the following message on SERIALST. It
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From: "JOYCE L. OGBURN" <>
Subject: VIVA cataloging guidelines
Date: 14 Jul 1998 18:57:33 -0400

The latest verion of the "Guidelines for Cataloging VIVA Electronic
Collections" have been officially endorsed by the VIVA Steering
Committee. They are now linked from the VIVA pages and are available
at the following address, which will remain the address as updates
and revisions are made.

Many thanks got to the committee for working on this document, but
especially to the three primary authors Karen Cary, Elaine Day, and
Jackie Shieh.

Joyce L. Ogburn
AUL for Information Resources and Systems
Old Dominion University Library
Norfolk VA 23529-0256
Phone 757-683-4189
Fax 757-683-5767

Allison Sleeman