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Subject: Cataloging Now! in Worcester (fwd)

Subject: Cataloging Now! in Worcester

Cataloging Now! An ALCTS Institute on the PCC Core Record

   September 18, 1998  Holy Cross College
   Worcester, Massachusetts

Sponsored by the Association for Library Collections & Technical
Services (ALCTS) and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC).
Cosponsored by the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA),
a division of the American Library Association, and NELINET.

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) has developed and is
introducing new "core standards" as a means of increasing the pool of
mutually acceptable records available for copy cataloging, so that
catalogers can use their time and expertise for orginial cataloging. The
goal is increased quality cataloging records, rich enough in content to be
used with little or no local modification, yet reasonable enough to be
generated in greater numbers.


Catalog Librarians, Catalog Department and Technical Service
Administrators, and Public Service Librarians.


To promote the values of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and the
rationale behind the core records standards.

To learn about the bibliographic community's new initiatives for creating
and maintaining quality cataloging that is both authoritative and cost

The presenters will introduce the concept of the core record in a plenary
session, followed by separate breakout sessions for catalog librarians,
administrators, and public services librarians in separate breakout

Catalog librarians will discuss the principles of creating core      records

Administrators will be introduced to issues of management and
training of catalogers in this new environment

Public services librarians will consider the implications of core
records available on OPACs.


Sally Sinn, National Agricultural Library

Glenn Patton, OCLC

Michael Kaplan, Director of Technical Services, Indiana University,

Joan Swanekamp, Chief Catalog Librarian, Yale University


9am-noon (including a break)
"Cataloging Now: An Introduction to the Program for Cooperative

Topic: Program for Cooperative Cataloging--who, what, why.

Objective: To introduce everyone to the Program and to the Core

LUNCH (Provided On-site)

For Catalog Librarians: "Demystifying core records in today's changing

Creating core records
--When to go beyond core base
--Trust in the decisions of others

For Catalog Department and Technical Services Administrators: "The
Changing Cataloging Culture: What do we mean when we talk about
cataloger values?"

--Recognizing the value of cataloging and catalog librarians
--Hiring and training new catalog librarians including training and revision

--Introducing the PCC and core record concepts to experienced catalog
--How to promote PCC values of timely access, quality cataloging, and
trust in the decisions of others, as well as good judgment
--Expectations of Catalog Librarians

For Public Service Librarians: "Cataloging Today: What do Public Service
Librarians Need to Know?"

Current culture-go back to matching past and current
--Traditional vs. contemporary
--What constitutes a quality catalog record
--OPAC implications of core records
--Impact on reference service
--Working effectively with catalog librarians


 "Creating a culture of cooperation"
A review of why the core record is a good solution and why it is


The institute will be held at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass., about
50 miles west of Boston. Several airlines fly direct to Worcester, and
there is bus service from Logan Airport in Boston. Directions to the
college will be included with your registration confirmation. A list of local
hotels, with approximate nightly single rates and phone numbers, will be
made available to registrants.


Cancellation policy: NELINET and ALCTS reserve the right to cancel
institutes, workshops, programs, and events if there is insufficient
registration or for any other reason. NELINET and ALA and its divisions
are not responsible for cancellation charges assessed by airlines or
travel agencies, or other losses incurred due to cancellation of
workshops, programs and events.

Refund policy: Cancellations faxed or postmarked before September 9,
1998 will receive a refund (subject to a $35 processing fee). No
cancellations will be accepted after September 9, 1998. All requests for
refunds must be made in writing. This policy applies to all forms of


Return registration form with payment to: NELINET Cataloging Now, ALA,
50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611. Fax to 312/280-5033. Email to
Yvonne A. McLean. Phone to 800/545-2433 ext. 5032. Note: If you are
using your NELINET deposit account, mail or fax the completed form to
Kenna Juliani, NELINET, Two Newton Executive Park, Newton, MA
02462; fax: 617/332-9634.

Registrations will be accepted in order of receipt for up to the maximum
of 125 people, and must be received by September 9, 1998.
Cancellations will be accepted only until September 9, 1998 (subject to a
$35 processing fee). Refunds will be processed after September 23,
1998. ALCTS reserves the right to cancel the program if there is
insufficient registration or for other reasons. Neither NELINET, ALA nor
any of its divisions is responsible for cancellation charges assessed by
airlines or travel agencies, or other losses incurred due to cancellation of
the program.

Check, money order, purchase order, or credit card charge must
accompany registration to reserve space at the program. Make checks
payable to the American Library Association. (Staff of organizational
members of RUSA, ALCTS, or ALA cannot be considered personal

Special Needs:

If you have special physical, communication or dietary needs, please
check the box on the registration form and attach a statement regarding
your special need. We cannot ensure the availability of appropriate
accommodations without notification of need by September 9, 1998.

ALCTS Cataloging Now! (4521)
September 18, 1998
Worcester, Massachusetts

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Concurrent Breakout Sessions:
Rank your choices (1 highest to 3 lowest). Registration will be
processed in the order received. If space is not available, you will be
given your next available choice.

___ Demystifying Core Records in Today's Changing Catalogs
___ The Changing Cataloging Culture: What Do We Mean When We Talk
About Cataloger Values?
___ Cataloging Today: What Do Public Service Librarians Need to Know?

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