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Direct access to e-journals via the 856/URL Lillian Gassie 21 Aug 1998 14:42 UTC

We have just licensed Elsevier's ScienceDirect, and I am preparing to
catalog the specific online journals we subscribe to.  My problem is what
to put as the URL for each title.  I notice that OCLC records have the
URLs pointing to the ScienceDirect home page, but I would prefer to
provide direct access to the title.  We get access via IP addresses.  I
have experimented by copying the URL while at a specific title's webpage
and putting it in the 856 field.  This has worked so far, but I was told
by a ScienceDirect tech support person that such URLs are not static and
likely to change in a few months.

Has anyone else cataloged Elsevier's e-journals and if so, what do you put
in the 856 field?

Lillian Gassie
Technical Services Librarian
Army Research Lab
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD