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Re: Journal of Multicultural Social Work Bill Cohen 25 Aug 1998 19:08 UTC

Regarding a complaint concerning the "Journal of Multicultural Social Work,"
we had sent a refund to the client and offered to provide a 2-year free
subscription.    The memo and refund check has simply not reached the
librarian yet.

I find it regretable when a journal is re-scheduled because we had to find
a new Editor....and the additional time that this takes is viewed as a crime
on the part of the Publisher.   There are some aspects of serials publishing
that simply cannot be controlled.   Once, one of our journal Editors died
of Alzehimer's disease, and the disruption that this caused in the journal's
schedule was viewed as a horrendous act on OUR part!!   We hope that most
serials librarians will view re-scheduling with maturity and firstly check
the date of the brochure that they are looking at before jumping to

The Haworth Press, Inc.

[ From: Bill Cohen <BCohen7719@AOL.COM> ]