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Microfiche Trays Valerie Mickelberg 26 Aug 1998 14:36 UTC

        I am looking for approximately 60 metal microfiche trays.
Does anyone know where I may purchase these trays?   Does anyone have any
they no longer need?      The trays I am looking for need to be able to
hold  6 1/8" x 4 1/4" microfiche.    The dimensions of the metal trays we
have now are   4" x 6" x 15"   (H x W x D).

        I would appreciate any information you are able to give so please
reply directly to me.

        Thank you.

Ms. Valerie Mickelberg
Asst. Head of Serials Unit
Dalhouse University Libraries (Killam)
Halifax, NS   B3H 4H8
Phone:  (902) 494-3637
        (902) 494-3649
Fax     (902) 494-2062