Online Access to Full-text Sources -Summary and Thanks Betsy Luce 09 Dec 1998 03:07 UTC

Thank you to everyone who replied to my original message:

>Has anyone received information from Ebsco that they can get
>online access to the full-text of certain journals they subscribe to
>through Ebsco by contacting them?
>I have tried this and have been unsuccessful.
>Is there a place to go for this information?  Does anyone know how
>to access them?

I received 21 replies the first day, mostly from other libraries that
had received the same information.  Some, like me, had tried to get
further information from Ebsco and were unsuccessful.  Others
were successful and shared the process they went through,
although other questions came up.  Several people wanted me to
share the response that I got.

It seems that the first step is to contact the regional Ebsco sales
representative.  If you do not know who this is, ask your Ebsco
contact person.  You give them contact person information and an
IP address, which they then pass on to individual publishers.  If you
already have access to a certain publication, you may be
contacted to see if you want to cancel earlier access.  Individual
publishers will contact you with information on how to access their
full-text site, or your sales rep will send you the address of each
title and you contact the publisher.

A note:  each publisher has different information on how to access
their publications, along with their own policies.  There was also
the question of whether this will be just a free trial access and we
will probably be receiving notice in the future when it changes to a
process of charging for the access.  Thank you for the response!  I
will let you know if I get any further information and if I am
successful in getting online!
                                                  --Betsy Luce
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