Library Renovation/Addition Deb Decker 25 Dec 1998 16:10 UTC

        Our library is currently working with architects to plan for a
renovation and an addition.  The suggested periodicals plan is for the
unbound issues to be kept on display shelving in one area and for the
bound periodicals up to 10 years old to be kept on regular shelving in an
adjacent area.  Bound volumes older than 10 years will be kept in another
location on another floor in compact shelving.  Over 80% of our current
periodical subscriptions are contained in on-line databases and the
computers to access them will be housed in the Reference area.  Microforms
and the reader/printers will be housed adjacent to the newer periodicals.

        Has anyone been involved with this type of arrangement (or any
part of it)?  If so, would you please send comments about how it does
and/or does not work to me. (

        Presently, we have a one-room (with some titles in basement
storage because of space problems) simple to use operation and we are
having difficulty envisioning how the plan will work.

        Thank you.

Debra Decker
Serials Coordinator
Carlson Library
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion, PA