ACRL Conference, Detroit, Apr. 1999: Request for Volunteers Shawn Patterson 10 Dec 1998 18:11 UTC

Please forgive any cross-posting.

On behalf of the ACRL Local Arrangements Volunteer Committee, this message
invites you to assist in the work of the Committee by volunteering your
time at the ACRL Conference in Detroit, MI, on April 8 - 11, 1999.
Volunteers are needed (minimum time-block = 2 hours) to assist us in the
following areas:

1.  Hospitality Desk -- Staffers needed for Thursday-Sunday, all day
and some evening hours.

2.  Local Tours -- To assist conferees at bus pick-up spots for Local

3.  Meeting Room Assistants -- To check room set-up, distribute
hand-outs, etc. Assistants will be expected to arrive one half-hour before
a session begins, stay for the session, and leave after the speakers have
left. (A high number of volunteers are needed for all Conference sessions,
including Conference within a Conference.)

4.  All-Conference Reception -- To assist as needed.

5.  Host Dutch Treat Dinner with Colleagues -- To assist with sign-up,
making reservations, providing transportation (i.e. volunteers with cars),
and driving conferees to dutch-treat dinner at local restaurants selected
by volunteer-host.

6.  Signage -- To put up signs and easels, take them down at the end of
the conference, and return easels to the Exhibits Decorator at the end of
the conference.

7.  Technology Room -- To assist users with e-mail, Internet access, etc.
Attendance at orientation session will be required. Staffing assignments
will be made in minimum two-hour blocks.

NOTE: You must be registered to attend the conference. Detailed written
instructions will be provided to you once you have sent in your Volunteer
Form (below) and the volunteer assignments have been made.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete and return the form below
by January 30, 1999, so the Committee can begin making specific
assignments. We will make every effort to assign you to the choices given.
Please refer to the ACRL preliminary program that lists session topics,
times etc. to help you to complete the form.

We will try to notify you of the dates and times assigned but if you do
not receive notification before leaving for Detroit, please check at the
Hospitality Desk for the list.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Shawn V. Patterson
Assistant, ACRL Local Arrangements Volunteer Committee

American Library Association
ACRL Conference--Detroit
April 8-11, 1999


I.     Please indicate your first three (3) choices for AREAS where you
would like to work:

A. First Choice _______________________________________

B. Second Choice _____________________________________

C. Third Choice _______________________________________

II. Please indicate your first three (3) choices for DATES and TIMES when
you will be available to work:

                                    DATE                             TIME

A. First Choice __________________________________________

B. Second Choice ________________________________________

C. Third Choice __________________________________________

III. Please indicate dates and times you would NOT be available to work:

DATE                                           TIME




Name ___________________________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________



Telephone _______________________________________________

E-mail __________________________________________________

Conference Hotel (if known) _________________________________

This form may be e-mailed, faxed, or sent by surface mail to the ACRL
Volunteer Committee Co-Chair:

Margaret E. Auer, Dean
University Libraries
University of Detroit Mercy
P.O. Box 19900
Detroit, MI 48219-0900
Voice: (313) 993-1090   Fax: (313) 993-1780


Shawn Patterson
Assistant Professor
Kresge Library        
Oakland University              Phone:  248-370-2493
Rochester, MI  48309-4401       Fax:    248-370-2474