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Re: Shared serial price history data L.H. Kevil 16 Dec 1998 21:02 UTC

To all who replied to my original posting,

Thanks very, very much. Most of you mentioned that price history
information for journals is available from subscription agents. A few
mentioned some really useful web sites where much useful journal price
data can be found.  If any of you are interested in knowing about these
sites, please send me a message off-list.

Somehow I neglected to mention that we are getting five-year price
histories from both Ebsco and Blackwell. We are very pleased that they are
able and willing to run the reports and supply them in digital form.
However, not everything can be had through agents, including some
subscriptions most libraries have. In the posting I was most concerned
with our direct subscriptions and our standing orders. The latter are a
real problem since they do not have neat yearly subscription prices and
calculating the credit for cancellation purposes is long and error-prone.

When our cancellation database is up on the web and all the price
histories are available, I will let you all know the url.

thanks to all again and Merry Christmas,


L. Hunter Kevil,
Head, Serials Dept, Ellis Library,
University of Missouri-Columbia,
Columbia, MO 65201
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You may want to contact your periodical vendor as they can sometimes
print a price history report for your library. We use Ebsco and they send
one to us annually.

Debbie Ludwig
Serials Librarian
Anchorage Municipal Libraries

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, L.H. Kevil wrote:

> For a large serial cancellation project we are researching the price
> history of our journal subscriptions and standing orders. We are trying to
> get at least the 1995-1999 pricing. These price histories will be used to
> predict costs for the year 2000 subscription year. We plan to publish this
> information to the WWW.
> We surely aren't the first library to do this. If other libraries that
> have already done this have price data that can be shared, please contact
> me off-list. TIA,
> Hunter
> L. Hunter Kevil
> Head, Serials Department, Ellis Library
> University of Missouri-Columbia
> internet: (new address)
> tel: 573-884-8760
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