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Re: Automated usage studies? -Reply Pamela Zimmerman 18 Dec 1998 19:05 UTC

Through our Integrated Library System, we have barcoded each volume of the
journals and each issue as they arrived and made individual item records
for each volume (even though they do not circulate).  Our library aides
scan each journal before shelving it with a portable hand held barcode
reader.  Periodically (weekly?), the cataloger up loads the data into our
library system.  From this system we can generate reports or if we had to,
we could email to our email and transfer it to another spreadsheet
 It is much more effective than the old system of using colored dots on
each volume and counting them once a year.

Pamela Zimmerman
Scientific Library
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At 08:00 AM 12/18/98 -0600, Dana Belcher wrote:
>We have our barcodes affixed to cards in a rolodex (one for current
>periodicals and one for microforms--bound items have their own unique
>barcode).  The students have to bring the "picked up" items into the
>office to sort anyway, so it made more sense to us to have all the info in
>one place. Also, we eliminate the need to download the portable scanner to
>the Innopac.
>Dana Belcher, Periodicals/Acquisitions Librarian
>East Central University
>Linscheid Library
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>>>> Sherri Parker <SPARKER@DEPAUW.EDU> 12/17/98 02:57pm >>>
>DePauw University is interested in tracking periodical usage.  We are
>interested in using a relational database to manage usage statistics.
>I've read some articles that involve affixing barcodes on the shelves
>and using barcode scanners to scan barcodes each time issues are shelved.
>Then the information would be downloaded into the relational database
>(like Microsoft Access) so that statistics can be generated for each
>I wondered if any of you are doing this sort of thing and need to know
>information on what equipment we will need to purchase.  Also, it sounds
>like I might even need a program generator to read the data from the
>portable scanner.
>Any information you can share regarding this sort of thing would be
>much appreciated!!!
>Sherri Parker
>DePauw University
>(765) 658-4014